We Buy Your Car

At Fitzpatrick's, we want your car!

Unless you are a perfect wordsmith, a dab hand at photography and love listening to people tell you their life story instead of actually checking out your car (because let's face it, there are people that just love to talk), selling your car privately can be a bit of a pain.

Luckily though, we love the entire process! So let us take the hassle out of selling your car.

Why sell to us? 

Well, we've been serving the motorist for over 70 years, so we know our cars and the market. We're a trusted name in the Irish motor industry and buy 1000's of cars per year. Take the stress and worry out of selling your car privately and let us do all the heavy lifting instead.

No more late-night texts asking you if you'll go any lower with your price, no more no-shows for a car viewing, and definitely no more hours spent tweaking your asking price because you just can't get a nibble. 

Sound good? Click here to value your car on our new website.